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From:Warren Young Date:August 10 2005 4:25am
Subject:Re: Linker error with fedora upgrade
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aravindc wrote:
>     I have a problem compiling my code which worked fine till an upgrade from 
> fedora core 1 to fedora core 4.

You're probably using binary RPMs not built for your specific system. 
This is a problem with binaries.  Download a current FC4 binary RPM, or 
build one yourself from source.

> g++ -g -o test.out test.cpp weblogs.cpp -O2 -lstdc++ -I/usr/include/mysql++ 
> -I/usr/include/mysql -L/usr/lib/mysql -L/usr/lib/libmysqlpp.a -lz 

The "-L/usr/lib/libmysqlpp.a" can be "-lmysqlpp", you know.  And unless 
your program is licensed under the GPL or LGPL, linking statically is 
probably a violation of the license.

> /usr/bin/ld: warning:, needed by 
> /usr/lib/gcc/i386-redhat-linux/4.0.0/../../../, may conflict with 

This tells you that libmysqlpp was built against a different version of 
the MySQL C API library (libmysqlclient) than is installed on your 
system.  As I said, you need to upgrade the binary RPM, even if you 
don't actually upgrade the MySQL++ version.

>    i found a similar thing here in this thread (around 2 months ago): 

No, that's unrelated.  Dale is working on an exotic 64-bit many-CPU SGI 
monstrosity, as I recall.  Weird happenings are part and parcel of that 
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