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From:Warren Young Date:August 5 2005 11:51am
Subject:MinGW and Cygwin saga update
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It looks to be difficult to make a working shared object version of 
MySQL++ under Cygwin.  Since the only people who are likely to demand 
such a thing are commercial Cygwin licensees (due to Cygwin's GPL 
situation) there really isn't much point in putting more effort into it. 
  I've updated the MySQL++ FAQ to show how to build MySQL++ statically 
under Cygwin.

As for MinGW, it's also only working statically at this point, but for 
different reasons.  It's probably possible to get it to work 
dynamically, but I've passed that effort off to someone who seems to be 
personally interested in the project.  Results may or may not be ready 
by v2.0 time.

If you can't wait for this effort to bear results, and aren't willing to 
help it along: use Visual C++.  This works without fuss.
MinGW and Cygwin saga updateWarren Young5 Aug