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From:Warren Young Date:August 3 2005 12:43am
Subject:Re: MinGW DLL build saga continues...
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Warren Young wrote:
> Thanks to some help from list member Robin, I've got a MinGW building 
> MySQL++ as a DLL.  Unfortunately, there's a new problem, which is that 
> MinGW can't link programs to it.

Status update: this is the old "MinGW can't make a DLL" problem that 
cropped up after the big file renaming in MySQL++ 1.7.20.  The bit in 
quotes is how I received the problem report, but it's not correct: MinGW 
can make the DLL all right, it just refuses to link programs against it.

For now, I've checked in a change that builds a static library instead. 
  This works fine.  The LGPL consequence of this is that you must 
provide objects to your users if you make a closed-source program, so 
they can relink it against a new MySQL++.  If this is unacceptable to 
you, use VC++, or help me fix this problem!

Now that I recognize this as the same old problem as was reported back 
after 1.7.20, I'm confident that it can be fixed.  The only question is 
how much effort it will take, and who (if anyone) will be so moved as to 
put forth that effort.
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