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From:Warren Young Date:August 3 2005 12:35am
Subject:Re: Cygwin/Win32/V2.0beta/library help! (MySQLC++ newbie)
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Patrick McMichael wrote:
> by default it builds a --enable-shared=yes library,

This isn't working right.  Apparently something in the library changed 
since the last time I tested it with Cygwin.  I don't have time to chase 
it right now, so for now, you're going to have to force it to use static 
libraries, or go back to VC++.

If you're sticking with Cygwin, this patch will yield a static library:

---        (revision 1000)
+++        (working copy)
@@ -39,7 +39,8 @@

This is also the problem with MinGW, by the way: if you go with static 
libraries, it works fine.

> I can't use a static library in a commercial application, can I?

Actually, that's not strictly true.  You can discharge your obligations 
under the LGPL if you're willing to distribute object files for your 
program, so people can relink the program against a new MySQL++ library.

But if you're making a commercial application, why not use Visual C++? 
Especially when your idea of an alternative seems to be Cygwin: it links 
GPL code to your program unless you negotiate a support contract ($$$) 
with Red Hat.  The proper alternative here to VC++ is MinGW, not Cygwin.

> Hey, I liked the "twist it's arm" expression, sorry to see it go..

Objection noted.  :)

> Which MinGW utilities are used?  If it's only pexports 

Also dlltool.

Yes, I realize Cygwin comes with dlltool...this is the result of trying 
to minimize differences between those two FAQ items.  Simpler to just 
assume that you're using the MinGW version of both.

But this may be moot, as I think I'm going to distribute a def file with 
MySQL++, so I'll only need to ask MinGW users to get dlltool, and 
pexports won't be needed with either toolchain.

> The "libmysql.dll" has to be somewhere in the path, correct?

Of course.  That, or in the current directory.

> Also, I've tried running pexports and dlltool on the MySQL++ .dll I
> generated with Visual Studio, but it causes dlltool to crash.  Bummer.

This can't work anyway.  g++ and VC++ use different C++ name mangling 
schemes.  Only C libraries are portable between the two.  (If that 
weren't the case, MinGW GCC couldn't link to the Win32 system DLLs.)
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