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From:Warren Young Date:August 1 2005 6:37pm
Subject:Re: Cygwin/Win32/V2.0beta/library help! (MySQLC++ newbie)
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Patrick McMichael wrote:
> I can't find anyone who will tell me the difference between an Exports
> Library File and Import Library File

I've never heard of an "exports library file".

An import library is a small library that tells the linker how to link 
against a DLL.  Think of it as details about a DLL's interface distilled 
down into a .lib (or in the case of Cygwin, .a) file.

> what the purpose of the C/C++ Inline File 

I don't know what that is, either.  Where do you see that?

> I realized I had mysql
> installed in an unusual location: C:\Program Files\MySQL\ 

I'd recommend putting it somewhere without spaces in the path, if you're 
going to use this with Cygwin.  I like c:\mysql, personally.

> it still wouldn't find those libraries even
> after I put that path in (using the --with-mysql, --with-mysql-lib, and
> --with-mysql-include switches).  

It can't find the import library, or the headers, then.

>        Frustrated, I turned to the MySQL++ website and read the section on
> how to twist MySQL++'s arm to get it to build under cygwin.  I appreciate
> whoever put that short description and links on how to do what he was
> talking about up there, but it seems to be missing a few things, 

I've rewritten it.  It should be crystal clear now.
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