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From:Warren Young Date:August 1 2005 1:05pm
Subject:Re: mysqlpp 2.0beta
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Chris Frey wrote:
> Well, it's possible.

The single biggest thing you did in this is find "PACKAGE_VERSION", and 
set up the *.in files.  Everything flows from that, so despite the 
weaknesses of this patch, it would have been worthwhile as-is.  Thanks 
for that, and for going further.

> I haven't figured out an easy way to consolidate the
> 3 version formats into a single spot,

It's possible to generate the MYSQLPP_LIB_VERSION macro in 
lib/mysql++.h.  I've checked in a change which does this, which also 
lets you use the macro I wrote in a message earlier in this thread, 
which lets you say:


Of the remaining two version numbers in, it's not possible 
to generate one from the other without some nontrivial arithmetic.  If 
you're curious, try playing around with the libtool version number; try 
to generate, for instance.  (I'm willing to spoil 
you, but you might enjoy the puzzle, so I'll keep mum for the moment.) 
Artithmetic can be done in Bourne shell, but...ech.

I'm glad you moved the libtool version number from lib/ to  That isn't strictly necessary, but it does help me to see 
more of the numbers in once place.
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