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From:Warren Young Date:July 22 2005 3:09am
Subject:Re: mysqlpp 2.0beta
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Chris Frey wrote:
>>I've counted them up, and this will make _seven_ places that have 
>>version numbers: ChangeLog,, mysql++.spec (2 places), 
>>lib/, lib/Doxyfile, and now lib/mysql++.h.  Wanna bet that I 
>>never forget to update one of these before a release?
> Would a script help with this?

Of those six files, only mysql++.h and _maybe_ the Doxyfile are amenable 
to automatic generation.

> I should automate this for you, since I suggested it. :-)

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, Mr. Frey, is to find out 
if the version string from is available as a variable that 
autoconf can substitute into and files.

Another way you could do it is to use the #define in config.h, which the 
configure script generates.  But that means writing a C program (or a 
really ugly script) to do the substitution.  Much better to leverage 
autoconf if we can.

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