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From:Warren Young Date:July 22 2005 12:53am
Subject:Re: Re : RE: 'long long' not supported
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np@stripped wrote:

> Just for info, I had the same KIND OF problem on windows platform event with 2.0b2
> while trying to integrate MYSQL server sources (4.11/4.12a/5.02b), MYSQL++(1.7/2.0) and
> JASPER (free JPEG2000 Library).
> I saw then the following type redefinition problems :
> - MYSQL sources defines typedef long long my_longlong => OK
> - MYSQL++ defines typedef __int64 longlong
> - JASPER defines typedef long long longlong

That should only cause a problem when you say "using namespace mysqlpp". 
  If you are having this problem, you shouldn't hoist these definitions 
up into the global namespace; fully qualify symbols instead:

	mysqlpp::longlong x;

> MYSQL++ team, do you think it could be interesting and not
> destructing regarding MYSQL++ API to redfines 64 bits types to a name
> specific to MYSQL++(ex mysqlpp_longlong) as it is done in MYSQL
> sources C API to avoid naming conflicts ?

It's not necessary, and I'm sure there's a lot of code out there that 
depends on this typedef.  We've broken a lot of things in MySQL++ 2.0, 
but only where necessary.  This isn't such a case.
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