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From:Tim Shor Date:July 21 2005 5:36pm
Subject:RE: Unicode Characters
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Hello every one.
Well, I got to the bottom of it, in some way.
1. I am using MySQL Server 5.0.9 and currently my default storage is innoDB with the
default character set utf8.
2. I also use MySQL Query Browser 1.13 through which I populate my test database with
Chinese characters. When I insert a record within Query Browser I can see Chinese
characters in this GUI tool.

3. In mysql++ 2.0.0 and all the versions (1.7.32, 1.7.35, 1.7.40) when I execute the
examples with stock table everything runs fine.
Now, when I launch Query Browser and do "select * from stock" I get the following:
'Nürnberger Brats', 92, 1.5, 8.79, '2005-03-10'

Instead of:
'Nürnberger Brats', 92, 1.5, 8.79, '2005-03-10'

4. When I insert records from Windows application using mysql++ api that contain Unicode
characters they are not displayed properly in MySQL Browser, but will look just fine when
I query the database via mysql++ and transform them from UTF8 to UCS2. And when I insert
Unicode characters into the database using MySQL Browser they look just fine within MySQL
Browser, but when I query that table using mysql++ with utf8_to_ansi conversion mechanism,
my data looks like this: "????????".
So the bottom line, what is going on? Is it a bug, then where is it in MySQL, MySQL Query
Browser, MySQL++, or in my brain?

Thank you for your input and feedback.

Timofey Shor
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Please localize the version of MySQL or MySQL++ that caused the regression.

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