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From:Warren Young Date:July 20 2005 10:27pm
Subject:Re: commit list
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Chris Frey wrote:

> I trust that you're subscribed to the commit list


> I'm still in low gear, 

Not a problem.

I intend to tackle all of the items remaining in the v2.0 section of the 
Wishlist.  I moved the ColData/Result optimization feature to the 
"future version" section, but I wouldn't be upset at all to see it 
appear before v2.0 is released.  Hint.  :)

I hope to finish v2.0 relatively soon here.  Say, another week for beta2 
to get comments, by which time I will hopefully have the remaining v2.0 
features done, and another week for beta3/rc1.  I'm not in a particular 
rush or anything, but the deafening silence when I call for comments on 
the betas tells me people are either trying it and not reporting 
success, or aren't trying it at all.  In either case, there's little 
point in putting off a release any longer than necessary, if we aren't 
getting comments back on the betas.
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