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From:Warren Young Date:July 18 2005 7:18pm
Subject:Re: Unicode Characters
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Tim Shor wrote:

> Russian and Chinese do not show up, 

Do you mean they don't show up in a console mode program?  If so, of 
course they don't.   They're not in Latin-1.  Read the Unicode chapter 
in the user manual:

If you mean some other output device, which one?  Can you make Russian 
or Chinese characters show up on it without sending them through MySQL++?

> I used the utf8_to_win32_ansi function and I comented out the section
> where it converts strings back.

utf8_to_win32_ansi() doesn't revert any conversions.  It makes two 
conversions, so there are three different character spaces involved: 
UTF-8, UCS-2, and ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1).  There is no "back", so I don't 
know what you are talking about.

> It was working in MySQL 5.0.3 Beta and in mysql++ 1.7.35 before, but
> I was not paying attention where it stopped working prior to the very
> last versions of mysql++ and MySQL 5.0.9

All the past versions of MySQL++ are available from the web site (if you 
can't figure out their URLs, you have no business being a programmer) or 
in the Subversion repository.

If you find a regression, it's then trivial to pinpoint where the change 
occurred, with a binary search through the revision tree.

Help me help you.
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