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From:Warren Young Date:July 18 2005 6:35pm
Subject:BETA RELEASE: v2.0.0-beta2
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This is the second beta release of MySQL++ v2.0.  Not much has changed 
from a practical standpoint; please see the beta1 announcement for most 
of the details:

User-facing changes since beta1:

     o Connection::set_option() has been completely redesigned.  It
       now supports a broader set of options than read_option() did,
       and it enforces the correct option argument type.

     o You can now call Connection::set_option() before the
       connection is established, which will simply queue the option
       request up until the connection comes up.  If you use this
       feature, you should use exceptions, because that's the only
       way an option setting failure can be signalled in this case.

     o More new exception types: BadOption, EndOfResultSets and

     o Returned Row subscripting to something more like the
       v1.7.9 scheme: there are two operator[] overloads, one for an
       integer (field by index) and another for const char* (field
       by name).  lookup_by_name() has been removed.  Because row[0]
       is ambiguous again, added Row::at() (by analogy with STL
       sequence containers), which always works.

     o Added multiple result set handling to Query.  MySQL 4.1
       and higher allow you to give multiple SQL statements in a
       single "store" call, which requires extensions to MySQL++
       so you can iterate through the multiple result sets.  Also,
       stored procedures in MySQL 5.0 reportedly return multiple
       result sets.  Thanks for the initial patch go to Arnon Jalon;
       I reworked it quite a bit.

     o All warnings fixed under VC++ at warning level 3.  (Mostly
       harmless signedness and integer conversion stuff.)

     o VC++ project creates a DLL version of the library only now, so
       there's no excuse for LGPL violations now.  This same mechanism
       should make DLL builds under other Windows compilers easy.

     o Added CSS stylesheets for userman and refman to
       make the HTML versions of each a) not ugly; and b) match  (Yes, some may say that these are incompatible

     o Added sample autoconf macro for finding MySQL++ libraries, for
       people to use in their own autotools-based projects.

Although the v2.0 section of the Wishlist was cleared off for beta1, 
more stuff got added to it afterward.  Some of it still has to be done, 
so there will likely be a beta3.  But, by all means, do test this 
version.  The next set of changes aren't likely to affect real-world 
code, so the next beta period should be short.

Please see the user manual for a complete list of API and ABI changes:

As always, the code is available at
BETA RELEASE: v2.0.0-beta2Warren Young18 Jul