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From:Warren Young Date:July 18 2005 5:57pm
Subject:Re: mysqlpp 2.0beta
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J Robinson wrote:

> Is there a #define (or other methodology) I can use to
> detect the version of mysql++ installed 

In v1.7.x, there were three places where I had to change numbers for 
each release.  Due to the soname change in v2.0, there are now four 
places.  I'm not eager to add yet another.  (And no, there's no 
straightforward way to automate changing them all from a single location.)

> (The actual incompatibility I'm running into is that
> 1.7.xx supplies "Result operator [] int",  and 2.0
> supplies "" (if memory serves).

This is changing (again, hopefully never again) in beta2, due out on 
store shelves very soon.  As long as you never use row[0], you can 
continue using numbers.  If you must index the first field, you can use 
this godawful construct:



Personally, I'd encourage you to use SSQLS and give row indexing a miss 

> Maybe there should
> also be a list of API changes between 1.7.xx and 2.0.

If it was a snake, it'd have bit you:

This was mentioned in the release announcement, which you should also read:
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