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From:Chris Frey Date:July 4 2005 4:46am
Subject:exception hierarchy
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I was reading comp.lang.c++.moderated tonight, and read a post on exceptions,
and thought I'd ask for comments here, relating to mysql++.

Would it be useful to split up the exception hierarchy between
std::runtime_error and std::logic_error?  This would introduce
multiple inheritance into the exception hierarchy if we wanted to
keep a common mysqlpp::Exception base class, but could be useful
for filtering exceptions on logic as well.

Is it worth the effort?

As I look at the exceptions, some of them would be a tough call.
For example, is mysqlpp::BadFieldName a runtime_error or logic_error
in a database GUI application where the user types in field names?

Still, thought it would be worth mentioning.

- Chris

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