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From:Warren Young Date:June 30 2005 10:13pm
Subject:Re: C++ query to backup table from database
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Arlis Rose wrote:

> First: what query could I pass that would create a backup of the database

Why reinvent the wheel?  The mysqldump command was created for this very 
purpose.  Just execute it in the background.

> Second: (this one I think I know already but don't hurt to ask :) to then
> delete all entries from that database
> (I'd assume it would just be:
> querry.Format("DELETE * From receivedemail");

That could work, but it's probably much more efficient to drop and 
re-create the database/table.

It doesn't seem that you're using MySQL++, by the way, which is the 
purpose of this list.  For general MySQL usage questions, including use 
of the C API, use the main MySQL mailing list.  For other APIs, I'm sure 
they have their own mailing lists.
C++ query to backup table from databaseArlis Rose30 Jun
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