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From:mm Date:June 24 2005 2:36pm
Subject:why donn't work mysql_real_connect
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Dear friends,
This is my first cpp module working with mySQL.
It looks like the error is located in
MYSQL *m=mysql_real_connect(myDB, host, user, passwd, ...
There is a way to find out step by step which parameters is wrong?
I am working with Fedora core 3
and MySQL 3.23.58

++++++++++++++++++ CPP module +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
#include "/usr/include/mysql/mysql.h"

int modulMySQL() {
printf("modulMySQL 01\n"); fflush(stdout);
// MYSQL *mysql_init(MYSQL *mysql)
// ===========================================
MYSQL *mysql_init(myDB);
printf("modulMySQL 02\n"); fflush(stdout);

// MYSQL *mysql_real_connect(MYSQL *mysql, const char *host, const char
//  *user, const char *passwd, const char *db, unsigned int port,
//  const char *unix_socket, unsigned long client_flag)
// ====================================================================
char *host=NULL, user[]="myname", passwd[]="mypass";
char db[]="ro";

unsigned int port=3306;
const char *unix_socket=NULL;
unsigned long client_flag=0;
MYSQL *m=mysql_real_connect(myDB, host, user, passwd,
db, port, unix_socket, client_flag);

printf("modulMySQL 03\n"); fflush(stdout);

// int mysql_ping(MYSQL *mysql)
// ===================================
int p=mysql_ping(myDB);
printf("Return Values - Zero if the server is alive.p=[%i]\n", p);


+++++++++++++++++++++ Compilation & Execution +++++++++++++++++++
sh -c "gcc -o myC `$CFG --cflags` -lstdc++ 01.cpp `$CFG --libs`"
./myC > 01_out.txt

++++++++++++++++++++++++++  01_out.txt  ++++++++++++++++++++++++++
modulMySQL 01
modulMySQL 02

why donn't work mysql_real_connectmm24 Jun
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