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From:Warren Young Date:June 20 2005 9:53am
Subject:Re: Exception flags not working as described in the manual (patch
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Before I get to your comments, Byrial, I want to point out that I put 
your patch aside, knowing that the issues you raise were better left to 
v2.0.  In fact, due to the changes in v2.0, your patch no longer 
applies.  Skimming through it, it seems that the new v2.0 architecture 
solves all of these problems almost incidentally.

I hope you can test this new version, to see if all of your concerns 
have been addressed.  I understand if you're not willing to try 
alpha-stage code, however.

Byrial Jensen wrote:
>   * Connection::store() and Query::store() always returns Result objects 
> with exceptions disabled.

Fixed in svn, will appear in v2.0.

>   * Connection::use() and Query::use() always returns ResUse objects 
> with exceptions disabled.


>   * Query::exec(), Query::store(), Query::use() and Query::execute() 
> does not use the exception flag of the Query object, but instead the
> exception flag of its Connection object.

Since the query interface is removed from Connection in v2.0, this 
should be fixed as well.

> (And the Reference Manual seems
> to interchange true and false in the descriptions of parameter te for
> these functions).

Most of the 'te' parameters no longer exist in v2.0, so this should no 
longer be a problem.
Exception flags not working as described in the manual (patch attached)Byrial Jensen29 May
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