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From:Warren Young Date:June 20 2005 9:34am
Subject:Re: Early testers of v2.0 wanted
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Erwin wrote:

> 	if (result.eof())

That's not the right way to test for an empty result set.  In fact, 
eof() wraps a long-deprecated MySQL C API function, so I've removed it 
from MySQL++.  See the new simple2 example for the proper way to process 
a "use" query.  As shipped, it does the same thing as simple1, but if 
you change the "select" statement to something that won't return 
results, it does detect this case properly.

> Also, my compiler was giving warnings about a non-virtual destructor in
> lieu of virtual functions inherited from Lockable. Since the virtuals in
> Lockable do seem ok to me, I applied the following totally trivial
> patch:

I think the proper change is to give Lockable a virtual dtor.  I've done 
this; update your tree and see if the new library compiles without warnings.
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