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From:Erwin Date:June 19 2005 8:41pm
Subject:Re: Early testers of v2.0 wanted
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> Just FYI, things are really starting to shake up in the MySQL++ 
> Subversion tree.  Each revision is still usable, but there have been a 
> lot of API and ABI breakages recently.  If any of you were thinking of 
> helping out with the testing for v2.0, now's a good time to start 
> building your programs against it, to give us early feedback on the 
> changes so far.

So far, I've hit only one regression-miss in my code, and I can't seem
to get to the cause of it. Hope someone knows.

I did a query for a non-existant something with a select, and
conceptually it contains a but (should check for error before getting a

	Query q = d_connection.query();
	q << "select id from table where something";
	ResUse result = q.use();

	Row row = result.fetch_row();

	if (result.eof())
	  throw NoResultError(.....);

However, with 2.0.0 (svn: 772) there is no way to find out that the 
query didn't return any results. I would assume that either one
should be true after the q.use():

	q.success() == false

	result.eof() == true

	result.operator bool() == false

Neither of the above is true. Am I missing something?

Also, my compiler was giving warnings about a non-virtual destructor in
lieu of virtual functions inherited from Lockable. Since the virtuals in
Lockable do seem ok to me, I applied the following totally trivial

Index: lib/connection.h
--- lib/connection.h    (revision 772)
+++ lib/connection.h    (working copy)
@@ -105,7 +105,7 @@
                        unsigned int client_flag = 0);

        /// \brief Destroy connection object
-       ~Connection();
+       virtual ~Connection();

        /// \brief Connect to database after object is created.

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