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From:Warren Young Date:June 17 2005 10:44pm
Subject:Early testers of v2.0 wanted
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Just FYI, things are really starting to shake up in the MySQL++ 
Subversion tree.  Each revision is still usable, but there have been a 
lot of API and ABI breakages recently.  If any of you were thinking of 
helping out with the testing for v2.0, now's a good time to start 
building your programs against it, to give us early feedback on the 
changes so far.

More changes are on the way, so if you were thinking of making just one 
pass at this before release, hold off for a while yet.  I'll post 
another announcement like this once we think the API has settled down.

Go to to find out how to get a copy of 
the current version in Subversion.  Then read the HACKERS file to learn 
how to "bootstrap" your tree, to get it to build.
Early testers of v2.0 wantedWarren Young18 Jun
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