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From:Warren Young Date:June 1 2005 11:31am
Subject:Re: how to compile library in mingw32
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owen nirvana wrote:

> I try to  run msys.bat and enter ./configure --mysql=/d/software/mysql
> but the error is told
> "checking for mysql library directory ... configure : error : Didn't
> find the mysql library dir in ' ' "

There have been several reports of problems with MinGW, and no reports 
of success.  Since nobody in the core development team uses MinGW, it's 
up to people like you to figure out why, and provide a patch.  I'm not 
sure whether it will be difficult or not.  It depends on how much MinGW 
straddles the line between Unix and Win32.

It might be best to avoid autotools entirely, and simply write some 
simple Makefiles.  The downside is that future changes to the library 
will probably result in those changes not making it into the MinGW 
Makefiles.  I'm certain that the VC++ and BC++ project files are 
outdated in minor ways, for instance.

There's already a Wishlist item for Makefiles suitable for Microsoft's 
free command line compilers.  If you could provide Makefiles that can be 
used for both compilers, that would be a real bonus.  It would be more 
likely for the Makefiles to be updated regularly if they're used for 
more than one compiler.
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