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From:Byrial Jensen Date:May 29 2005 5:29pm
Subject:Exception flags not working as described in the manual (patch attached)
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As a new user of mysql++, I have been surprised by the way the exception
flags works.

The User Manual says:

   The state of the object's exception enabling flag is passed down to
   child objects. For example, if you create a Connection object with
   exceptions disabled and then call its query() method to get a Query
   object, that object will also have exceptions disabled.

However that does not seem to be entirely true:
   * Connection::store() and Query::store() always returns Result 
objects with exceptions disabled.
   * Connection::use() and Query::use() always returns ResUse objects 
with exceptions disabled.
   * Query::exec(), Query::store(), Query::use() and Query::execute() 
does not use the exception flag of the Query object, but instead the
exception flag of its Connection object. (And the Reference Manual seems
to interchange true and false in the descriptions of parameter te for
these functions).

I have tried to make the things work as described in the manual in the
attached patch. Warning: It may of course break programs relaying on the
current behavior.

Best reagards

Attachment: [text/x-patch] exceptions.patch
Exception flags not working as described in the manual (patch attached)Byrial Jensen29 May
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