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From:Warren Young Date:May 27 2005 6:02pm
Subject:RELEASE: v1.7.40
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This is a monster release!  Most of it's documentation, but there's a
fair bit of functional change, too:

     o Multiple item form of insert() now works if you're using the
       SQLQuery class, or its derivative, Query.  Thanks to Mark
       Meredino for this patch.

     o Fixed a bug in const_string::compare(), in which MySQL++
       would walk off the end of the shorter of the two strings.
       All was well if the two were the same length.

     o ResUse::operator=() now fully updates the object, so it's more
       like the behavior of the full ctor.

     o All source files now contain a license and copyright statement
       somewhere within them.

     o Optimized mysql++.h a bit: it now #includes only the minimum set
       of files required, and there is now an idempotency guard.
       This improves compile times a smidge, but mainly it was
       done to clean up the generated #include file graph in the
       reference manual.  Before, it was a frightful tangle because
       we #included everything except custom*.h.

     o Constness fix in MySQL++ date/time classes to avoid compiler
       warnings with SSQLS.  Thanks to Wolfram Arnold for this patch.

     o Fixed some compiler warnings in custom*.h.  Thanks to Chris Frey
       for this patch.

     o Added "Submitting Patches" and "Maintaining a Private CVS
       Repository" sections to the HACKERS file.  Thanks to Chris
       Frey for the source material for these sections.  The HACKERS
       file was improved in several other ways at the same time.

     o PDF version of user manual no longer has links to the reference
       manual.  They were ugly, and they were broken anyway due to the
       way we move the PDFs after generating them.  If you want
       interlinked manuals, use the HTML version.

     o PDF version of user manual now has hard page breaks between

     o Removed complic1 example.  Wasn't pulling its own weight.
       Everything it is supposed to demonstrate is shown in other
       examples already.

     o Refactored print_stock_table() in examples/util module to be
       four functions, and made all the examples use various of
       these functions where appropriate.  Before, several of
       the examples had one-off stock table printing code because
       print_stock_table() wasn't exactly the right thing, for one
       reason or another.  One practical problem with this is that
       some of the examples missed out on the recent Unicode updates;
       now such a change affects all examples the same way.

     o Since so many of the examples rely on the util module, the user
       manual now covers it.  The simple1 example in the user manual
       didn't make much sense before, in particular, because it's
       really just a driver for the util module.

     o Added custom5 example.  It shows how to use the equal_list()
       functionality of SSQLS.  Thanks to Chris Frey for the original
       version of this program.  (I simplified it quite a bit after
       accepting it.)

     o New user manual now covers the value_list(), equal_list() and
       field_list() stuff that the old manual covered but which was
       left out in previous versions of the new manaul.  Most of the
       examples are the same, but the prose is almost completely new.
       This new section includes the custom5 example.

     o Every declaration in MySQL++ is now documented in the reference
       manual, or explicitly treated as "internal only".

     o Improved docs for MySQL++'s mechanism to map between MySQL
       server types and C++ types.  Initial doc patch by Chris Frey,
       which I greatly reworked.

     o Improved a lot of existing reference manual documentation while
       adding the new stuff.

     o Expanded greatly on the exception handling discussion in the user

     o Added all-new "Quoting and Escaping" section to the user
       manual's Tutorial chapter.  Moved some existing comments on
       quoting and escaping around and added some new ones to other
       sections as a result.

     o Added all-new "Handling SQL Nulls" section to the user manual's
       Tutorial chapter.

     o Many improvements to the Overview section of the user manual.

     o Row::operator[] reference now explains the right and wrong way to
       use the values it returns.  This is in response to a mailing list
       post where someone was incorrectly using this feature and getting
       a bunch of dangling pointers.

     o Updated Doxyfile so parses it without warnings.  Still
       works with versions back to 1.2.18, at least.  (These are
       the versions shipped with Fedora Core 3 and Red Hat Linux 9,

     o Using a superior method to make Doxygen ignore certain sections
       of the source code.  Between this change and the fact that
       everything not so ignored is documented, Doxygen no longer
       generates any warnings.

     o Lots of code style updates.  Everything should now be consistently

As always, it is available at

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