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From:Willy K' Date:May 25 2005 12:56pm
Subject:Newbie Question: Create statically linked
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I am trying link a static executable.
I use the following on linking
g++ -I/usr/include/mysql++ -I/usr/include/mysql -02 -c 
g++ -I/usr/include/mysql++ -I/usr/include/mysql -02 -c 
g++ -Wall -02 -o StaticExe application.o util.o -static -
lmysqlpp -lmysqlclient
it gives back a error of:
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lmysqlclient
collect2: ld return 1 exit status

It was successful when I link it without the -static flag.

I have add /user/lib in and ran ldconfig
where is located...

Please advice...

Willy Kwong
Newbie Question: Create statically linkedexecutableWilly K'25 May
  • Re: Newbie Question: Create statically linked executableChris Frey25 May