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From:Wolfram Arnold Date:May 19 2005 10:08am
Subject:[Bug?] Missing implementation for value_list(vector<bool>*...)
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Follow-up to my own message.

I should have looked further in the first place.  I see now what the
motivation behind the vector pointer and the del_vector flag was.

The constructors for NAME_cus_[value|field|equal]_list(...bool i1, bool
i2,...) uses this to store the value of the bool flags in the
vector<bool> which it creates dynamically.

The alternative, of course, would be to add an instance of vector<bool>,
not just a pointer, as member to NAME_cus_[value|field|equal]_list.  The
downside of this is that it would force an implicit copy construction
(i.e. memory allocation) in the constructor [value|field|
equal]_list(..., vector<bool>,...), at the benefit of a 'safer'
interface signature.  I can see the design tradeoff that the authors
must have faced.

A possible way out is to make all the data members of the
NAME_cus_[value|field|equal]_list classes static.  At cursory glance,
these objects appear to be used only as return values and their primary
purpose appears to be consumption by operator<<, so that they act as
transient intermediaries in strictly sequential constructions, i.e.
they're singletons (only one instance exists at a time) which would
safely permit static members.  But I'm not sure I'm not missing
something again here.



Wolfram Arnold <wolfram@stripped>

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