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From:Tim Shor Date:May 13 2005 11:32am
Subject:RE: Bad handshake
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Make sure that the correct libMySQL.dll is being loaded,
Every time you install something new that utilizes libMySQL.dll it is
installing it in some Global path (like WINDOWS/System32 or other) and
during the runtime it is loading it instead of the one that you are
referencing in your project.

I would recommend to search your PC for libMySQL.dll to find all the
occurrences and verify that those are the right ones.
Another thing could be done, is that you can place the latest
libMySQL.dll in the directory where your application resides, so that
WINDUHS load the one that is located in the same directory as your app.


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From: Nicholas Watmough [mailto:nickw@stripped] 
Sent: Friday, May 13, 2005 12:55 AM
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Subject: Re: Bad handshake

I've had the same problem - I can connect when connecting as a user with

no password, but not as a user with a password.

However, this is not a problem with MySQL++, but rather with the 
underlying C API.

Try connecting using mysql_real_connect(), and you should have the same 
problem. I've posted to the general MySQL list, but haven't received 
much of a response yet.

Warren Young wrote:

> Tim Shor wrote:
>> And for some reason getting version 4.1.0-alpha, while MySQL
>> Administrator gives me client version  5.0.0
> "Bad Handshake" indicates that the client is trying to speak the wrong

> protocol to the server.
> Is it possible that you have two versions of MySQL installed on your 
> system, and are building against one but trying to connect to the 
> other?   Or, that you are using a pre-built version of MySQL++ instead

> of building it against the libraries and headers on your system?

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