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From:Tim Shor Date:May 10 2005 6:04pm
Subject:Bad handshake
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Hello everyone.

Using latest mysql++ and MySQL 5.0.4


Windows XP, VisualStudio .NET 2003, utilizing Windows Forms.


Able to connect to mysql only with empty params:

mysqlpp::Connection con(true);

bool rc = con.connect("test", "", "", "");

String *temp = con.client_info();


And for some reason getting version 4.1.0-alpha, while MySQL
Administrator gives me client version  5.0.0


When connecting this way:

mysqlpp::Connection con("test", "localhost", "root", "password", true);


getting "Bad Handshake" error.


Also when I do this:

mysqlpp::Connection con(true);

if(con.real_connect("test", "localhost", "root", "password",3306)){

      String *temp = con.client_info().c_str();




This gives me "Bad Handhsake" error as well.


I would like to connect with valid user, password, host parameters.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.





Timofey Shor

Software Engineer


Fairport, NY, 14450

* (585) 425-4400, ext. 3087

* timsho@stripped <mailto:timsho@stripped> 


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