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From:Warren Young Date:May 5 2005 11:19am
Subject:Re: [PATCH] gcc 4.0.0 fixes
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Chris Frey wrote:

> - some virtual destructors for classes that have virtual functions.

I'm pretty sure this will break the ABI, so I'm going to have to hold 
off on that change.  Other than that, I've added your patch.  Thanks.

One of the reasons I'm looking at moving to a public repository is so we 
can fork off v1.8 or v2.0 [*].  It will go through a period where I 
don't want to release it formally, but it will still need wide testing. 
  I hope by having it in a public repository, some people will start 
using the repository version while v1.7 is frozen and provide that testing.

[*] The question of which version it becomes has to do with how many of 
the planned ABI breakages make it into the first release.
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