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From:Warren Young Date:May 4 2005 8:29pm
Subject:Public Subversion repository choices
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I am looking at making my private Subversion repository public somehow. 
  Hosting this repository myself is not practical.  Therefore, I've 
looked into the various free Subversion hosting providers.  I've 
narrowed the field to two candidates:

- Savannah (  Main problem with this one is 
they're out at the tip of the RMS wing of the community; rhetoric, 
politics, inflexible viewpoint, the whole nine yards.  The main thing in 
their demand list (oops, sorry, terms of service) that's likely to cause 
a problem is that they insist that your program not depend on 
proprietary software.  From the RMS perspective, where does the 
dual-licensed MySQL lie?  I've applied to them anyway, and we'll see if 
we make it through their gatekeepers.

- ObjectWeb (  No politics here, but they're 
constituted to focus on middleware, particuarly Java-based stuff.  While 
they may let us host there, it seems a bit of a stretch to call MySQL++ 
"middleware".  One can _build_ middleware with MySQL++, but...  I'm also 
not wild about the paperwork involved.  It's constituted more like a 
formal consortium (which at the top levels, it is) but we have no need 
of such formalities.

SourceForge would have been ideal, except that they only support CVS, 
and I bade my final goodbyes to that a month ago now.  I'm not going 
back now.

Comments, concerns, suggestions?
Public Subversion repository choicesWarren Young4 May
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