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From:Nicolas Barrera Date:May 3 2005 3:48pm
Subject:Re: Count( ) function
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On 5/3/05, Chris Frey <cdfrey@stripped> wrote:
> Hi Nicolas,
> You emailed this a while ago, but I've been playing around with the type
> info classes in mysql++... don't have any insights on your problem yet,
> but what version of mysql C API (not mysql++) are you running?

I don't get it.., the C api for mysql isn't MYSQL++??
anyway... i 'm using.. mysql version 4.0.20, libsqlplus 1.0.7, mysql++ 1.7.32

> (please reply to the list)
sorry..., i pressed reply in gmail.., won't happen again :)
> Thanks,
> - Chris
thanks to you!
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