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From:Warren Young Date:April 30 2005 3:02pm
Subject:RELEASE: v1.7.34
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Anyone who downloaded 1.7.33 should upgrade to this one, as there is a 
bug in the previous version.  (Accidentally removed use_exceptions from 
defs.h.)  Plus there's other good stuff:

     o Added a multiple-insert method for Query, which lets you insert
       a range of records from an STL container (or the whole thing,
       if you like) in a single SQL query.  This is faster, and it
       reduces coding errors due to less repetition.  Thanks to Mark
       Meredino for the patch.

     o Reference and user manual now get rebuilt automatically when
       required.  (E.g. on 'make dist', or explicitly now through 'make

     o Made it easier to change the maximum number of SSQLS data members
       in generated custom-macros.h file.  It used to be hard-coded in
       several places in lib/; now it's a variable at the top of
       the file.

     o Changed default SSQLS data member limit to 25, which is what it
       has been documented as for a long time now.  It was actually 26

     o Trimmed some fat from the distribution packages.

     o Some more small doucmentation improvements.

RELEASE: v1.7.34Warren Young30 Apr
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