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From:Warren Young Date:April 30 2005 3:53am
Subject:RELEASE: v1.7.33
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It's the "Last Remnants of 1.7.9 Gone" release:

     o Worked around an overloaded operator lookup bug in VC++ 7.1
       that caused SSQLS insert, replace and update queries to get
       mangled.  (Symptom was that custom2 and custom3 examples didn't
       work right.)  Thanks to Mark Meredino for digging up the
       following, which explains the problem and gives the solution:

     o Some VC++ warning fixes.

     o Major documentation improvements:

         o Using DocBook for user manual and Doxygen for reference
           manual.  The former now references the latter where

         o Split out HACKERS and CREDITS files from main README,
           and improved remaining bits of README.

         o Moved the text from the old v1.7.9 LaTeX-based
           documentation over into the new systems, and reworked
           it to more closely resemble English.

         o Added a lot of new material to documentation, and
           simplified a lot of what already existed.

         o Documentation is now being built in HTML and PDF forms.

     o ebuild file updated to take advantage of recent configure script

As a result of the new documentation, the -devel packages are now much 
bigger.  I'm toying with the idea of making separate -manuals packages 
for those who just want the headers and library files.  Thoughts?  And 
if I do this, do the examples go with the -manuals package, or do they 
stay with the -devel package?  I think the former.
RELEASE: v1.7.33Warren Young30 Apr
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