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From:Mark Merendino Date:April 29 2005 1:00pm
Subject:RE: sql_create_basic_* useful?
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This may not be a good reason to keep them, but when I was having
trouble using sql_create_* in a header file, I found that I could use
sql_create_basic_* because that doesn't create the "table" and "names[]"
variables.  I guess its possible that someone else discovered this and
is using it in a header file.

That's about all I can think of.

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Subject: sql_create_basic_* useful?

It occurs to me that the sql_create_basic_* macros are no easier to use
than the regular sql_create macros, and the SSQLS structures they
generate have fewer features.  I've already decided, while working on
the new documentation, to relegate discussion of these simpler macros to
a side discussion and focus on the more powerful but just as easy to use

Does anyone actually use sql_create_basic_*?  If so, why?

If it seems they have no practical value, I'll deprecate them, and
eventually remove them.  No sense complicating the documentation and the
code with features we don't use.

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