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From:Warren Young Date:April 29 2005 12:42pm
Subject:Getting SSQLS working with Borland C++ Builder
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BCB has a 4096-character limit on macros, so it is known to barf on the 
current SSQLS headers (custom*.h).  However, some recent thinking on 
this makes me wonder if it isn't possible to get some limited amount of 
SSQLS functionality with some straightforward changes to, the 
script that generates the SSQLS headers.

First, you could reduce the number of members allowed in an SSQLS 
structure from the current value of 25 to some lower number.  That will 
reduce the size of the largest macros.  It would be interesting to know 
how low you have to go to get this file to compile.  I think it could go 
as low as 10 or so and still be widely useful.

Second, you could disable generation of the more complex macro types. 
If you limited it to generating only the sql_create_basic_* macros, for 
instance, you'd have pretty limited functionality, but it might still be 
worthwhile.  I doubt all of examples/custom.* would build in this 
scheme, but it'd be better than nothing, which is what BCB users have now.

A third possibility is to combine both of these approaches, if neither 
of the above works alone.

Not to threaten, but if no BCB user tries this, I'll assume that it 
means none of you are interested in getting SSQLS working.  If, on the 
other hand, it's proven that sql_create_basic_* is the only way to get a 
reasonable level of SSQLS support with BCB, I will drop my plan to 
deprecate these macros.
Getting SSQLS working with Borland C++ BuilderWarren Young29 Apr