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From:Andrew Zhu Date:April 22 2005 3:23pm
Subject:Re: Compiling library in Windows
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You are not necessary to pay for learning gmake. here
is the link:

I love MinGW and used it quite some years. I don't
know what is the problem you have with it. but many
beginners (including myself) often forget the fact
that some binaries compiled from MinGW should not be
run in MinGW and they will be OK in Windows cmd.

I really understand the issue you raised here for
compile and execute mysql++ in MinGW. I tried to do it
a couple of years ago and it only works for mysql++
1.7.6 (1.7.9?) with libmysqlclient for 3.x. The key is
not for compiling mysql++; instead, it is
libmysqlclient is important. Over that time, a guy
successfully compiled this lib with mingw and I
utilized his library. but a couple of month later this
guy's website disappeared. His "name" is Johnnydog.
You can search for his posting in this forum to get
hints how he took steps to get lib compiled with
mingw. It was very lengthy and nasty twists, though.

I don't know if there are some developers out there
and interested in working on a MinGW-version of mysql
source. This is the ultimate solution to the problem.
(if you are familiar with PostgreSQL project, it has a
separate team for its windows tree which adopts

Good luck.


--- Zahroof Mohamed <zahroofm@stripped> wrote:
> On 4/21/05, Warren Young <mysqlpp@stripped>
> wrote:
> > Neil J Mackie wrote:
> > > Are you saying that MySQL++ cannot currently be
> built as a DLL ?
> > 
> > Yes.  It's on the Wishlist.
> > 
> > > If so, some advice on how it _should_ be built
> would be welcome to those
> > > trying to build on windows.
> > 
> > Easy: build it as a lib file and link it to your
> program.  Further
> > details are in
> > 
> > If your program is closed-source, statically
> linking to the library is a
> > violation of the LGPL, but until someone provides
> a way for you to
> > comply with the LGPL, I don't see how anyone can
> get too uptight.
> > 
> If you are suggesting that you can't create a DLL in
> windows, you
> would be wrong. With some minor modifications to the
> MySQL++ files
> (I've posted this before) I do create a DLL with
> Mingw and gcc. I have
> no problems linking with this DLL in windows.
> I do have a problem with linking to the MySQL
> libraries when they are
> included in multiple header files in my project. But
> that is because
> the libraries have been built using VC++ for windows
> and I need to
> rebuild them with MingW. Once I have this resolved,
> everything is
> peachy.
> Unfortunately, I come from the Windows/ original
> Microsoft bandwagon -
> and so, my knowledge of Unix like tools is next to
> nil. I'm going to
> get a copy of O'Reilly's book that you recommended
> here to help me
> out. But I'm also looking for a set of tools that
> will work for
> Windows. I'm having problems with MingW's MSYS and
> I'm wondering
> whether I should install Cygwin on my system. Any
> advice would be
> welcome.
> Zahroof
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