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From:Warren Young Date:April 21 2005 3:19pm
Subject:Re: Compiling library in Windows
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Neil J Mackie wrote:

> a printed version of 
> the nmake documentation is impossible to find. 

You don't need it.  Any general Unix make(1) document will suffice. 
nmake doesn't support things like the GNU make extensions, of course, 
but you don't absolutely need those.

Get a copy of O'Reilly's _Managing Projects with GNU Make_ if you want 
something on paper.  I'm sure a subset of it is quite relevant to nmake.

> I find that editing the generated Makefiles (with great care) 
> is often easier than doing the same job via the VC++ IDE.

It's far easier still to edit a well-structured Makefile written by a 
programmer for other programmers.

> Are you saying that MySQL++ cannot currently be built as a DLL ?

Yes.  It's on the Wishlist.

> If so, some advice on how it _should_ be built would be welcome to those 
> trying to build on windows.

Easy: build it as a lib file and link it to your program.  Further 
details are in

If your program is closed-source, statically linking to the library is a 
violation of the LGPL, but until someone provides a way for you to 
comply with the LGPL, I don't see how anyone can get too uptight.

> trying to use them is pointless because there is no make file for 
> MySQL++. Why then make the recommendation? 

I assume that users of MySQL++ are programmers, and can therefore cope.

Look, you are limiting yourself to free (as in beer) tools.  That's 
fine, I understand.  But I am the only MySQL++ maintainer that has any 
interest in VC++ support, and as a professional programmer I have Visual 
C++ Professional.  I have no personal interest in helping you build this 
with the free tools.  In making the recommendation, it's enough that I 
know that it can be done.  The fact that it isn't ready to go out of the 
box is not a fatal problem.

The amount of time you've spent arguing with me and expressing your 
outrage would have been better spent learning Makefile syntax.

> In order to answer the originator of this thread I include a makefile 
> below for MySQL++ which has been adapted from a VC++ 6.0 generated 
> makefile. 

Sorry, far too ugly to accept.  This shouldn't have to be any more 
complicated than examples/Makefile.simple, and longer only due to the 
greater number of files involved.

If you don't know Makefile syntax, reading that file in conjunction with 
whatever tutorial you pick is a good start.
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