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From:Warren Young Date:April 15 2005 9:42pm
Subject:Re: Not able to install the rpm.
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chandra shekar wrote:

> It threw the error :" Failed dependecies : 
> MySQL - Shared is needed by mysql++-1.7.30-1"

Yes, on purpose.  A MySQL++ binary RPM is necessarily dependent on the 
MySQL version it was built against.  My RPMs are built against the 
official RPMs you get from, not against the version of MySQL 
that comes with the OS.

So, either get the official RPMs, or build the library from source.

This is explained on the MySQL++ web page.  From whence, by the way, you 
can get a much more recent version of MySQL++:

> Before running the above command I installed
> mysql++-1.7.30.tar.gz as below:

Don't install both from RPM and from source.  Pick one.

> ./configure --includedir=/usr/local/include/mysql

That flag tells configure where you want the MySQL++ header files to go, 
not where to find the MySQL headers.  Try:

	$ ./configure --with-mysql=/usr/local/mysql

instead.  If that doesn't work, try separate --with-mysql-lib and 
--with-mysql-include flags.  Notice that you don't necessarily give the 
full path: the configure script will take a base directory name and try 
to guess which subdirectories underneath contain the files.

> I also tried running a simple  program that connects
> to Mysql but got the error as " mysql_init"
> unidentified".

See examples/Makefile.simple for the correct way to build a program 
using MySQL++.
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