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From:Warren Young Date:April 5 2005 5:18pm
Subject:Re: Problems with insert
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Diogo de Andrade wrote:

> linking and/or incompatibility with Visual Studio .Net... 

Yes, there's a known problem here.  It also affects the custom2 and 
custom3 examples.  I don't have the personal interest needed to try and 
debug this any time soon, because I don't do any serious MySQL++ work on 
Windows.  Either you're going to have to dig into the code and see if 
you can find the problem, or wait for someone else to get up the interest.

I suspect that this is a result of the change from class Query deriving 
from strstream to deriving from std::stringstream in v1.7.18, based 
solely on the fact that these examples used to work with VC++, and 
failed at roughly the same time.
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