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From:timothy johnson Date:April 4 2005 5:55am
Subject:Error 139
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I will admit to being new to this. I am taking bits and pieces of
others code and trying to get it to work for my own needs. I have
looked at serveral peoples code and they all agree on how to do this,
but when I try I get error 139. what could be wrong?

    pConnection = mysql_init(NULL);
    mysql_real_connect(pConnection, "localhost", "netjuke", "netjuke",
"netjuke", 0, NULL, 0);
    mysql_query(pConnection, "SELECT * From netjuke_tracks");


thise code runs, and the rest of my program runs fine, but when I try
to put code in the middle to use "pResult" thats when it errors out
Error 139timothy johnson4 Apr
  • Re: Error 139Warren Young4 Apr