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From:Warren Young Date:March 13 2005 6:04am
Subject:Re: SV: sql_create_# compilation error
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Joachim Person wrote:
> As far as I understand 1,5 means that there will be a constructor taking
> five arguments. 

Yes, one for each of the first "5" data members, which in this case is 
all of them.  You can use a lower number here if you want.

> Now, this example compiles and works just fine. I just can't
> see the difference from my own example; I have one table member which
> requires 1, 1. What is wrong?

Because in your situation, you get a constructor taking a single string. 
  Obviously some other constructor automatically added by the SSQLS 
stuff also takes just one string.  You can't have two functions with the 
same name and the same argument list.

I don't know specifically what is going on here, just what I infer from 
the error messages you posted.  I have run into this problem myself, 
with some 2-column tables I have.

If you want to know for sure whether I am right or not, dig into the 
contents of lib/custom.h.
Re: SV: sql_create_# compilation errorWarren Young13 Mar