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From:Gregor Kronenberger Date:March 12 2005 9:42pm
Subject:Changing the inital Connect() timeout
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I am currently working on a client for a school project that needs to fail 
over to a secondary server if the primary server fails or is down.

The projects requires a short failover time, since my teammates and I want 
it to be transparent to the user.

I have looked at the MySQL++ source code and changed the call to the 
Connection() constructor to include a connect_timeout value. I am under the 
impression that this value determines how long MySQL++ waits for an initial 
reply from the host it is trying to connect to. Regardless of which value I 
put into this function, it appears that the exception is thrown ~20 seconds 
after I call the constructor.

I have searched google to find someone with a similar problem, but it 
appears that I am the only one who has this. I downloaded a sourceforge 
project (MySQL-Navigator) that connects to a MySQL-DB and it has the option 
to let me specify a 'timeout'. Once again, giving it two drastically 
different values (99 and 2), I still get a timeout after ~20 seconds, when 
I enter an IP that is not in use on our lan.

I was wondering if someone has ever gotten a different timeout length to 
work and/ or if I am looking at the right place (I tried manually setting 
the mysql_options(&mysql ,MYSQL_OPT_CONNECT_TIMEOUT, (char *)&mytoVal) to 
no avail.

Any/ all help would be greatly appreciated,

Changing the inital Connect() timeoutGregor Kronenberger12 Mar