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From:Warren Young Date:March 12 2005 3:33am
Subject:Re: sql_create_# compilation error
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Joachim Person wrote:
> error C2535: 'void user::set(const std::string &)' : member function already
> defined or declared MySQLCommunicator.cpp(10) : see declaration of
> 'user::set'

That's because there are some default constructors generated.  The "1, 
1" part of the sql_create invocation tells it you want a 1-argument 
ctor, which conflicts with one of these defaults.  You're going to have 
to say "1, 0" instead, and give up on having a ctor that can fully 
initialize the object.

This problem has been largely ignored because it goes away when you have 
more realistic tables, with many columns.

> Also - How can I convert a CString into the std::string type?

	CString foo;
	std::string bar;
	bar = (const char*)foo;
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