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From:Warren Young Date:March 11 2005 11:40pm
Subject:Re: AW: Minor problem with the resetdb
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Möhring, René wrote:

>>Turns out, this is extremely unlikely to occur.
> But isn't that what exceptions are made for? If it wasn't unlikely
> to happen it would not be an exception.

You're arguing theory against reality.  Are you seriously asking me to 
break the ABI, just to cover a case where the MySQL database is -- I 
would argue -- deliberately misconfigured?

Maybe we should mandate that wheels be welded onto car axles because 
someone could remove all the lug nuts but one.  It could happen!

> There could also be breakdown of the server just in that tiny moment. 

Yes, and there could also be a microcomet that comes through my roof, 
crushing my 'e' key, so I can't type my password.

If you want to continue that line, let's talk probabilities, and balance 
that against return.

>>I've withdrawn that change because it breaks the ABI, pointlessly.
> Pointless depends onyour viewpoint, wether you want to get your library
> correct or just nearly correct.

The feature is slated for a future revision, where breaking the ABI is 
more acceptable.  If that's not soon enough, give me a rational reason 
why not.
Re: AW: Minor problem with the resetdbWarren Young12 Mar