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From:Warren Young Date:March 11 2005 7:15am
Subject:RELEASE: v1.7.32
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     o Example building may now be skipped with --disable-examples
       configure script flag.

     o Changed stock items added in resetdb.  One is now UTF-8 encoded,
       to show that basic use of Unicode with MySQL++ is easy, yet not
       foolproof.  (See formatting of table on systems where cout isn't
       UTF-8 aware!)  Other stock items now follow a theme, for your
       amusement.  :)

     o custom3 example now changes UTF-8 item's name to the 7-bit ASCII
       equivalent.  Previously, this example would fix a spelling error
       in the table.

     o resetdb example now says 'why' when it is unable to create the
       sample database.

     o Small formatting change to print_stock_table(), used by several

     o Was issuing a VC++-specific warning-disable pragma when built by
       any Windows compiler.  Fixed.

As always, it is available at
RELEASE: v1.7.32Warren Young11 Mar
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