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From:Warren Young Date:March 9 2005 10:00am
Subject:Re: RELEASE: v1.7.31
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Zahroof Mohamed wrote:
> Only problem was some #pragma warning meant for
> MS VC++ creating warnings when I compiled the code. But this went away
> with the following modification:

I agree, this should be changed.

> However, when I tested the resulting mysqlpp.dll with my test code, I
> got the following link error. The vtable in row cannot be
> auto-imported. What do I need to do? Please help!!

How is this a MySQL++ problem?

> Please read the documentation
> for ld's --enable-auto-import for details.

Seems like a good suggestion to me.  And if that doesn't help, take it 
up on the MinGW mailing list.
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