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From:Steve Mansfield Date:March 8 2005 9:01am
Subject:Re: Documentation
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On Monday 07 March 2005 23:02, Earl Miles wrote:
| Steve Mansfield wrote:
| > More specifically, the 'simple' example shows how to pull some rows from
| > a table and print them. I managed to get this working without too much
| > trouble, but then I look at the query object and see that it has a number
| > of methods -, query.preview() and I immediately want to
| > know what other methods there are, what types they return, what
| > parameters, if any, they might take. In other words, a reference list of
| > all the methods, properties, structures & types in the API would be very
| > interesting. That way I can play around with them and learn by
| > experience.
| A pretty weak version of this exists on the web-site but not in the
| distribution, as far as I can tell; And it's the start of the Doxygen
| stuff that was being talked about earlier. Chapter 5 sort of exists there.

Okay, I'll take a look ... ta...

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