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From:Imperio59 Date:March 7 2005 7:57pm
Subject:Re: Using mysql++ with a server.
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My only concern with keeping the connection alive was that if our MOD 
gets very popular (and hopefully it will be), it could potentially mean 
upwards of 1000 connections on the mysql server open at all times, I 
don't know enough about Web Servers and such to know if this is an 
extreme load or something a good strong server can handle without any 

There is precedent in the community with the Natural Selection MOD for 
HL1 wich did the same thing (fetching a list of suscribers with a mysql 
link) and the rumor is that they've had to beef up their server many 
times to handle all the stress they were getting, so I guess they must 
have been keping the connection alive for the entire duration of the map 

I guess i will put it in this way for now, and if there are load issues 
with our web servers in the future i will reconsider then, but for now 
it sounds like a good solution to me ;)

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