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From:Steve Mansfield Date:March 7 2005 6:40pm
Subject:Re: Documentation
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On Monday 07 March 2005 19:26, Warren Young wrote:
| Steve Mansfield wrote:
|  > As a professional writer and editor,
| >
| > I'd be happy to proofread a new version if you decide to take it on!
| Actually, I think you could productively join the writing team.  The
| perspective of a newbie can be valuable.  And, as you may have
| discovered already, the best way to learn something is to try to teach
| it to someone else.  It uncovers all those assumptions and gray areas in
| your knowledge, and you're forced to repair those holes as you go.

Indeed - as I go through the manual (which, on reflection, is really, *really* 
awful) I'm having a lot of those 'huh?' moments. Trouble is, at this stage I 
don't know whether those are caused by my lack of knowledge about C++ or just 
obscurity in the manual itself.

But for starters, there could be far more information about the underlying 
natural of the various objects, data structures, methods etc. For my money, 
the documentation for PHP is a model of its type (all the programming I have 
done is in PHP and Perl).

So, if anyone on the writing team wants to send me the current version of the 
manual, I'd be happy to go through it and mark up those points where I think 
'WTF does this mean?' or 'tell me more...'.

I may be rude about the manual, but I don't expect to have everything done for 
me, so I'd be happy to spend some of my time on this.

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