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From:Steve Mansfield Date:March 6 2005 6:28pm
Subject:Re: Documentation
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On Sunday 06 March 2005 17:52, Earl Miles wrote:
| Joachim Person wrote:
| > Where can I find the documentation for MySQL++? I'm using MS .NET.
| The documentation is here:
| It's sadly out of date, but even for more than 20 minor version revs,
| very little in the API has really changed. If you skim the changelogs
| since 1.7.9 you'll see the changes. A couple of them are noteworthy,
| such as changes to filenames and a reversal of the exceptions, but most
| of the changes have been bug fixes, requested additions, etc.
| As a lover of documentation I'm thinking about taking this on as a
| project: To get this document up to date, and to improve chapter 5,
| which is the most useful but also the hardest to use.

That's a generous offer and I'm sure would be much appreciated. I was tearing 
my hair out trying to get a simple program to work, based on the manual. When 
I got around to looking in the sample code I found that it was different and 
some smal but crucial things have changed - eg, using
instead of
as one might assume from the manual. Of course, manuals are of most value to 
those, like myself, on the lower slopes of the learning curve. My C++ 
knowledge isn't yet good enough to derive everything simply by reading and 
interpreting the sample code. Also, the manual as it nows stands is a model 
of obfuscation, giving little support to those of us not fully conversant 
with programming terms. For example, the early stuff about results sets left 
me utterly confused, though I appreciate that English is probably not the 
first language of the manual's writers. As a professional writer and editor, 
I'd be happy to proofread a new version if you decide to take it on!

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