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From:Jason Stephen Vorpahl Date:March 5 2005 5:26am
Subject:[MySQL++] Field Type Info
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I am using the code from the examples, fieldinf1.cpp. I am getting a weird result on some
of the fields. Anyone ever get this? The code is the exact as in the example and the
output is:
Records Found: 1
Query Info:
0 col_key        INT NOT NULL   i
1 col_int        INT NOT NULL   i
2 col_signed     INT NULL       N7mysqlpp4NullIiNS_10NullisNullEEE
3 col_float      FLOAT NOT NULL f
4 col_double     FLOAT NOT NULL f
5 col_decim      DECIMAL NOT NULLd
6 col_date       VARCHAR NOT NULLSs
7 col_code       VARCHAR NOT NULLSs
8 col_name       VARCHAR NOT NULLSs
9 col_address    VARCHAR NOT NULLSs
Any help would be great.

[MySQL++] Field Type InfoJason Stephen Vorpahl5 Mar
  • Re: [MySQL++] Field Type InfoWarren Young5 Mar